How Does KAFC Use Your Membership Dues?

By far our largest expenses are associated with Board of Fisheries meetings.  We submit our own proposals for regulatory changes and prepare comments on all proposals that affect sport fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.  The only way we can assure that our input and your interests are considered by the Board is to be present at those meetings.   We have pursued, and will continue to pursue, holding these meetings here on the Peninsula; however, the Board has resisted doing so, and the meetings continue to be held in Anchorage.  We attempt to have one, sometimes two, members of the KAFC Board of Directors at those meetings.  Your membership dues are used to reimburse these individuals for their travel expenses.

We also have printing and copying expenses, much of which are related to review of proposals submitted to the Board of Fisheries.  KAFC is committed to the goal of insuring that the very best science is used in the decision making process.  We also prepare and distribute position papers and comments that address a variety of fisheries, habitat, and water quality issues on the Peninsula.

We incur postage expenses for a variety of reasons as well as Post Office Box rental fees.

We are in the process of improving our website and have expenses related to that effort.

Without your dues and contributions we would be unable to accomplish our goals.

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