Alaska Special Areas Letter – October 2014 – Letter to Alaska Governor Sean Parnell from Barbara Švarný Carlson of Friends of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (FAR)

KAFC Leg. Resource Committee Comments – March 2014 – KAFC comments before the Legislative Resources Committee on UCI salmon fisheries issues

Kenai Kings Need More Spawning Protection – January 2014 – Alaska Dispatch opinion piece by KAFC Chairman Kramer

Proposal 219 Presentation Booklet – January 2014 – KAFC comment booklet on BOF Proposal 219, “In-season Closures of Important Spawning Areas”

2014 BOF Drift Day Proposal Paper – January 2014 – KAFC BOF position paper on 2nd Drift Boat Day Proposal

KAFC KRSMA Board Letter 2 – December 2013 – KAFC letter to DEC Commissioner Balash regarding our concerns with the make up of the KRSMA Board and election procedures

Kenai River Kings Opinion Piece – December 2013 – “What’s Happeed to Our World Famous Kenai River King Salmon?” by KAFC Chairman Kramer

KAFC Initiative Letter 2 – December 2013 – KAFC letter to Lt. Gov. Treadwell opposing the “Prohibit Set Net” initiative

KAFC BOF Board-Generated Proposal Criteria Comments – March 2013 – KAFC comments to the BOF regarding Board Generated Proposals

KAFC USFW ER Chinook Petition – January 2013 – KAFC Petition to USF&W to close Federal waters directly below Skilak Lake to fishing for King Salmon

KAFC 2012 Integrated Report Comments – August 2012 KAFC Comments on DEC’s 2012 Draft Integrated Report

KAFC – Free Kenai River Boat Launch – August 2012 – KAFC Gets Free Senior Boat Launch Privileges at the Kenai City Boat Launch

BOF ER Chinook ACR – KAFC BOF ACR Requesting “Stock of Concern” Status for Kenai River ER Chinook

KAFC Soldotna Creek Pike Mitigation Letter – April 2012 – KAFC Letter of Support for ADF&G’s Soldotna Creek Pike Mitigation Proposal

Governor Parnell BOF Letter – March 2012 – KAFC Letter to Gov. Parnell Outlining our Concerns with the BOF Process

KAFC Kenai City Dock Launch Fee Letter – KAFC Letter to the City of Kenai Requesting a Senior Discount at the City Dock Boat Launch

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