1. We believe in the wise use of our fishery resources for the good of all citizens.
  2. We believe that habitat conservation is the principle against which all other resource uses shall be measured.
  3. We believe in adaptive fishery management- where management actions are taken in a way that allows their effects and effectiveness to be measured and assessed objectively, and results are used to make adjustments in management strategy.
  4. We believe in the application of proven scientific methods to resource management.
  5. We believe in a fair and balanced allocation of resources.
  6. We believe in an open and transparent discussion of all resource issues.
  7. We believe that salmon stocks should be managed to meet escapement goals when possible.
  8. We believe regulations should have clear intent and be enforceable.
  9. We believe that regulations should be effective and their desired intent measurable.

Protecting Your Fishing Rights & Resources