Push Ortho AFO Brace Benefits

The AFO – or the Advanced Functional Foot Orthotic – was designed with the unique needs of those with arthritis in mind. Arthritis can affect the feet in many ways, from inflammation to weak arch support. Many people who experience pain and difficulty in walking can greatly benefit from the AFO. They will have improved support and less pain while walking.

Arthritis affects over 30 million Americans and is no longer a problem among middle-aged and older adults. With advances in medicine and technology, fewer people than ever are able to get well, let alone live a quality, active life. The push onto afo ankle foot brace was developed to help those who are in pain, have diminished motion or unable to walk. In fact, many of those who suffer from arthritis do not know that they are suffering from it. Even those who do realize it has difficulties walking because of the pain, stiffness, or deformity.

The AFO brace for foot drop were designed to be lightweight and durable so they can be worn almost anywhere. They are perfect for people who want to have the same benefits of wearing other foot braces but can’t because of their weight or limited range of movement. Because of their lightweight construction, the AFO braces do not add unnecessary bulk to the wearer’s frame, nor do they add unnecessary pressure that can cause pain. Instead, all the benefits of an orthopedic footwear are enjoyed throughout the full range of movement, without any of the limitations.

For one, they are made of 3 layers. The outer layer is comprised of a heavy-duty fabric cover with elastic on the inside. The middle layer is composed of a cushioned layer of foam, while the innermost layer is made of durable nylon fabric. When the AFO braces are properly worn, the top layer of the 3-layer material conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot, causing the plantar fasciitis to diminish. The soft fabric material also helps to absorb the shock of walking and standing, which lessens the impact on the individual’s feet and ankles.

Because the AFO brace is made of lightweight material, there is virtually no excess drag when the wearer moves his or her foot upward and down. This means that when walking up a flight of stairs or going up and down a slippery slope, there is no excessive force placed on the foot that may result in injury. The lightweight design also reduces the chances that the weight of the wearer will pull down on the braces. This helps to keep the weight of the wearer’s body from pulling down on the AFO and cause stress fractures.

Push Ortho AFO braces is a popular choice among many athletes because of the benefits it provides. An athlete who is looking for a more comfortable fit when performing their best can choose from three sizes: small, medium, or large. They are available in pairs in eight different standard sizes. Most professional athletes use them for their training and workouts at home. Those who want a lightweight, affordable alternative to their traditional orthotic can invest in the AFO brace.

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